10 hours of Goncourt

Last weekend, we have been riding our first endurance of the year 2015 in Goncourt (France). We had never been in Goncourt before. Although, the track was great and the race itself was amazing. A part of it was through the woods, which makes the race, especially at night, very special.

The race started with four hours on saturday from 8pm until 12pm. We were a bit nervous, because it was our first time that we were going to race in the dark. However, we did not face any problems, especially when our eyes got used to the dark surroundings. On Sunday, the race started at 10.30 am for six hours. Savannah ended the race on saturday evening, so she had to start again on Sunday. A great part of that race was that the organisation had changed the track in comparison with the track on Saturday. The track was more difficult on Sunday, the sun was burning and the skin on our hands was full of blisters.. Most of the 51 competing teams were with three persons, so they were in advance.

At 4.30 pm, we had finished in a total 23th place and as second women team. Jim Bos and Dylan van der Stelt, also part of team VLS, finished in a 21th place. The race was a great preparation for more important races this year and an awesome experience. We want to thank everyone who was there to support us and our sponsors, especially Goldspeed for the tires and rims. On to the next one!

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er zijn geen afbeeldingen gevonden

Thanks to Angela Huisman, Valerie Genin and DV Racing Pics for the pictures!

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