Onze sponsoren in 2018

Zonder deze bedrijven is het onmogelijk om onze passie voort te zetten. Wij willen ze bedanken voor hun vertrouwen in ons. Ben je ook geïnteresseerd om ons te sponsoren? Neem contact met ons op! 

vlsQuadspecialist Wil van der Laan

VLS & De quadspecialist Wil van der Laan – The companies behind our quads.
T: +31 (0)314 645544     E: quadspecialist@live.nl     A: Zieuwentweg 9, Halle

Van wengerden en visser

Van Wengerden en Visser – A contractor building for its own, but also for external clients. They are especially inventive in the development of projects on complex locations in (the surrounding of) ‘Het Groene Hart’.
T: +31 (0)172 538474    E: info@wengerdenvisser.nl     A: Dorpsstraat 18, Zevenhoven

SW techniek

SW techniek – A specialised company in the metalworking and metallurgical industry.


Goldspeed Racing Products – Schuurman BV supports us with Goldspeed tires and rims. Goldspeed Racing Products is specialized in high quality performance racing tires and wheels. Manufactured with the latest tire technology & rubber compounds available. Goldspeed Racing Products have been a popular choice among champions around the world.

Kellerman Quads Training – a race school for young and old, where Savannah also can be found sometimes to teach the young girls.